We launch STATE as President Donald J. Trump wraps up his remarkable -- and exhausting -- opening act.

Whether you think he's draining the swamp or destroying the country, there's no denying that the America we live in today is strikingly different than the one Barack Obama handed over on January 20.

The goal of STATE is to capture this moment in America's political culture, which is exhilarating for those unnerved by what they see as the country's progressive, globalist tilt under Obama and anxiety-provoking for those who unexpectedly find that approach locked out of power in Washington.

We will publish STATE -- the first digital magazine from CNN Politics -- on the first Friday of every month starting June 2.

Our inaugural edition -- published to coincide with the first 100 days of the Trump administration -- is decidedly focused on politics. But since there's no such thing as politics as usual, you can expect coverage of arts, culture, and media to complement our stories about Washington.

Our name represents our mission -- to state the truth, and to give time and space to all sides of this fascinating story.

The way you see the cover of our first effort depends on your point of view -- whether you see promise or peril in Trump's presidency.

Some see this moment as an opportunity for dramatic and exciting change, the chance to make America great again. For others, the flag is suddenly turned upside down, and they believe America is in great distress.

I hope you'll find this inaugural edition of STATE to be a thoughtful exploration of the issues facing our country - no matter how you view the state of our union.

CNN National Political Reporter Maeve Reston takes us inside the turbulence of the Trump administration in her definitive account of the President's first 100 days. Reston also profiles Kamala Harris, one of the Senate's most intriguing – yet elusive – new members.

CNN Politics contributor Susan Baer filed a dispatch from America's campuses, where conservatives are pushing back against anti-Trump sentiment and university leaders find themselves at the forefront of the national debate.

Digital correspondent Chris Moody recalls the time he went to summer camp with future Trump adviser Stephen Miller (it's exactly as bizarre as it sounds). And Kayleigh McEnany, a conservative CNN contributor, rounds out the issue with her views on Trump's success.

At a time of intense pressure in the news industry, I'm grateful to Ed O'Keefe, CNN's senior vice president of premium digital content, and Rachel Smolkin, the executive editor of CNN Politics, for giving us the space to explore the big issues of our time. This project would also be impossible without the creative and design genius of Nitya Chambers, Cullen Daly, Damian Prado and Stephany Cardet.

Thanks to Meredith Artley, Wendy Brundige, Olivia Camerini, Stephany Cardet, Nitya Chambers, Ashley Codianni, Joe Coleman, Shane Csontos-Popko, Cullen Daly, Padraic Driscoll, Dianna Heitz, Vanessa Meza, Andrew Morse, Ed O'Keefe, Damian Prado, Jonathan Reyes, Brett Roegiers, Meshach Rojas, Steven Sloan, Rachel Smolkin, Manav Tanneeru, Bernadette Tuazon, Ben Werschkul, Z. Byron Wolf.