Boris Jordan
• General director of NTV appointed by Gazprom.

• Boris Jordan, 33, is a U.S. millionaire whose parents moved to the States from Russia.

• Once denied a Russian visa after the disputed 1997 sale of the Svyazinvest phone company.

• Established career as investment banker, working for Credit-Suisse First Boston heading up its Moscow office until 1995.

• Left CSFB to found Renaissance Capital, becoming one of Russia's leading investors.

• A key figure in setting up Russia's fledgling stock market in the early 1990s and played a role in privatisation deals of state assets.

• His financial group Sputnik owns the Moscow radio station, Europa-Plus.

• Developed interest in media and telecommunications businesses through his investment and development company Sputnik Technology Ventures after other investments took a tumble in the Russian stock market crash of 1998.

• Appointed director general of network at NTV in April, 2001.

• His brother Nicholas, a banker, was involved in Gazprom's efforts to gain control of part of NTV's shares.