Modern Slavery Act Statement for Cable News International Limited, a U.K. subsidiary of Warner Media, LLC

Warner Media, LLC (“WarnerMedia” or the “Company”), a leading media and entertainment company with businesses in television networks and film and TV entertainment, is formed and headquartered in the United States. WarnerMedia and its operating segments – Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Home Box Office, Inc., and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. – have operations in the United States and, through subsidiaries, internationally, including in the United Kingdom. For more information on the Company’s structure and business, please visit the Company’s website at

This statement has been made and adopted by Cable News International Limited (“CNI Ltd”) pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act of 2015 (the “Act”). CNI Ltd is a WarnerMedia subsidiary with operations in the U.K. that meet the criteria set forth in the Act. This statement has been approved by the CNI Ltd Board of Directors in respect of its business activities for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021, and also applies to all subsidiaries of CNI Ltd which meet the criteria set forth in the Act.

Standards of Business Conduct

WarnerMedia is committed to conducting global business with high ethical and legal standards, including within its supply chain. That commitment begins with WarnerMedia’s Standards of Business Conduct (“SBC”), available at The SBC apply to all Company employees and serve as a model for comparable codes of conduct that have been adopted at each of WarnerMedia’s businesses, including offices outside the U.S. The SBC stress the importance of abiding by the law, acting with integrity, being truthful, being transparent in our business dealings and putting the needs of our shareholders and customers first.

Ethical Sourcing and Supply Chain

In addition to the SBC, WarnerMedia has policies on specific topics to provide guidance to employees and suppliers, including to tackle slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains. For example, the Company has adopted ethical sourcing guidelines (“Guidelines”), which apply to suppliers from whom WarnerMedia group companies purchase directly and to whom WarnerMedia subsidiaries license images, brands and characters. The Company’s supply chains include suppliers based in many countries providing a range of products and services. The Company’s main supply chains include vendors of IT support, data centers, transmission and distribution partners, local production partners, software and technology contractors. WarnerMedia has reviewed these to consider where there are areas of risk in relation to Modern Slavery. WarnerMedia appreciates that some of these sectors are higher risk for modern slavery and exploitation.

The Guidelines establish expectations for the supplier’s business operations as they relate to WarnerMedia and its businesses and reflect our commitment to conduct business in an ethical manner and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. More specifically, the Guidelines set forth the Company’s expectations with respect to, among other areas: (1) child labour, (2) involuntary labour, (3) coercion, abuse and harassment of supplier employees, (4) working hours and compensation, and (5) worker health and safety. WarnerMedia expects our suppliers to comply with the Guidelines.

WarnerMedia reserves the right to take any actions it deems appropriate to monitor and promote adherence to the Guidelines. Contracts with suppliers are periodically reviewed to confirm whether the Guidelines have been incorporated. Failure to comply with the Guidelines could lead to termination of the contract with the relevant supplier.

For more information, please visit

WarnerMedia believes in the value of collaborating and sharing information to improve responsible sourcing efforts across the globe. WarnerMedia’s businesses are members of various industry working groups, including the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) and the Toy Industry Association (TIA).


WarnerMedia understands that a key component of an effective compliance environment is employee training and education regarding the rules and policies that apply to their business activities, as well as WarnerMedia’s commitment to ethical business conduct. Employees receive training on the SBC when they join the Company, as well as regular ethics and compliance training on laws that apply to our business activities. These training initiatives reinforce the Company’s commitment to compliance with laws and ethical behavior.

Reporting and Monitoring Misconduct

Employees are encouraged to report any misconduct or unethical behavior. WarnerMedia and its businesses provide multiple means of reporting concerns, including a HelpLine monitored 24-7, which enables anonymous reporting where permitted by local law. Third parties can also report concerns, including through the HelpLine (where permitted by local law). These various means of reporting are an important mechanism for us to track the effectiveness of our modern slavery and human trafficking policies and they are listed in the SBC and publicized to employees and business partners. WarnerMedia and its businesses encourage anyone to report in good faith issues about potential ethical, legal, regulatory, slavery, human trafficking or human rights violations. WarnerMedia will investigate allegations and take appropriate remedial actions. In 2021 WarnerMedia did not identify any incidents of modern slavery in our business or supply chains.

This Statement was approved by the Board of Directors of Cable News International Limited on 4 July 2022 and signed by Ellie Browne, a Director of Cable News International Limited.