Suspect arrested after explosive devices sent to Trump critics and CNN

By Meg Wagner, Veronica Rocha, Sophie Tatum, Eric Levenson, Brian Ries, Paul P. Murphy and Jessie Yeung, CNN

Updated 2:25 p.m. ET, November 5, 2018
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2:02 p.m. ET, October 26, 2018

Authorities investigating another suspicious package addressed to Tom Steyer

From CNN's Evan Perez

Authorities are investigating another suspicious package intercepted in Burlingame, California, that was addressed to billionaire Tom Steyer, according to a law enforcement source.  

The source says the package is similar to the other suspicious packages.

Steyer has donated heavily to Democrats. He recently donated $2 million to Andrew Gillum, who is running for governor in Florida. That donation went to Gillum's "Forward Florida" political action committee, which is aligned with the Gillum campaign. 

1:44 p.m. ET, October 26, 2018

Suspect's phone was an important tool for investigators

From CNN's Shimon Prokupecz, Mary Kay Mallonee, and Evan Perez

In addition to DNA found on at least one of the suspicious packages, investigators were also able to use suspect Cesar Sayoc's cell phone to track him, law enforcement officials tell CNN.  

Identifying the mail processing and distribution center in Opa-locka, Florida, was an important breakthrough for the investigation. Several of the packages went through the facility, roughly 12 miles from Miami.

1:40 p.m. ET, October 26, 2018

Suspect will be prosecuted by the Southern District of New York

From CNN's Kara Scannell and Shimon Prokupecz

Cesar Sayoc — who was arrested Friday in connection with the suspicious packages sent to prominent Democrats, Trump critics and others — will be prosecuted out of the Southern District of New York, according to two sources familiar with the case.

Prosecutors have been working with Joint Terrorism Task Force investigators on the case.

Geoffrey Berman, the US Attorney for the Southern District, will attend the Department of Justice's news conference at 2:30 p.m. ET. We'll be covering it live here.

1:41 p.m. ET, October 26, 2018

DNA on at least one package helped identify suspect

From CNN's  Evan Perez and Mary Kay Mallonee

DNA found on at least one of the packages sent in recent days helped investigators identify suspect Cesar Sayoc, law enforcement officials tell CNN.    

The packages were similar in appearance and contain potentially destructive devices, the FBI said in a statement before the suspect was apprehended. The packages were mailed in manila envelopes with bubble wrap interior, and had a return address of “DEBBIE WASSERMAN SHULTZ” [sic].

1:19 p.m. ET, October 26, 2018

Sayoc’s arrest record includes "threat to bomb"

From CNN's Scott Glover

Florida Department of Law Enforcement records show a string of arrests dating back to the early 1990s for 56-year-old Cesar Altieri Sayoc.

Notable among them is a 2002 arrest by Miami police for an offense described in online records as a “threat to bomb” and “threaten to discharge destructive device.”

The online records do not provide details about the case. They show that Sayoc pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year of probation. There is also a notation about the judication being withheld.

The records show a total of eight arrests for offenses, including grand theft, battery, fraud, drug possession and multiple probation violations.

The adjudication of each of the arrests could not immediately be determined from the summary of offenses provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Sayoc appears to have pleaded no contest to some offenses. Prosecutors appear to have dropped charges in other matters.

Here's a booking photo of Sayoc from the Broward County Sheriff's Office:


1:32 p.m. ET, October 26, 2018

Sayoc not previously known to Secret Service

From CNN's Noah Gray and Peter Morris

Cesar Sayoc, the man arrested in connection with the suspicious packages, was not previously known to the Secret Service, multiple law enforcement sources told CNN.

Here's a photo of Sayoc:

1:04 p.m. ET, October 26, 2018

Crowd yells "fake news," "CNN sucks" as Trump talks about "fake polls" in East Room

From CNN's Abby Phillip

As President Trump attacks what he deemed “fake polls,” members of the crowd gathered in the East Room responded by shouting “fake news” and one yelled “CNN sucks." 

The outbursts came minutes after the President addressed the arrest made in connection to the suspicious packages sent to prominent Democrats, Trump critics and CNN.

In his remarks, the President called for unity. 

1:18 p.m. ET, October 26, 2018

Trump calls for unity in wake of suspicious packages

From CNN's Sarah Westwood

President Trump renewed his calls for unity Friday after touting the apprehension of a suspect in the case of the bombs mailed to Democratic figures, despite pointing the finger at the media in tweets over the past two days as critics question his heated rhetoric.

Trump declined to mention any of the targets or their party affiliation by name, only citing them as public figures. He also noted a media organization had received a bomb, but did not specify that it was CNN.

“But the bottom line is that Americans must unify and we must show the world that we are united together in peace and love and harmony as fellow American citizens," Trump said at the White House. “There is no country like our country and every day we are showing the world just how truly great we are.”


12:39 p.m. ET, October 26, 2018

Trump: "These terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country"

President Trump, announcing the arrest of a suspect in connection to the suspicious packages, called the mailed explosive devices "terrorizing acts."

"These terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country," Trump said.

He added: "We must never allow political violence to take root in America. Cannot let it happen. I’m committed to doing everything in my power as President to stop it. To stop it now. Stop it now."

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