Congress finalizes Biden's win after riot disrupts Capitol

By Meg Wagner, Melissa Macaya, Mike Hayes, Melissa Mahtani, Veronica Rocha and Fernando Alfonso III, CNN

Updated 5:15 p.m. ET, January 7, 2021
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3:38 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Rioters are breaking windows at the US Capitol

Video taken at the US Capitol showed some rioters breaking the glass of a window and then climbing through the shattered pane.

Here's how CNN's Dana Bash described the footage:

"We're actually looking at video right now of these anarchists ... these people who were involved in this insurrection. They broke the glass in the United States Capitol and now they are climbing through the window."

Watch the moment:

3:37 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Trump being urged to do more on chaos unfolding on Capitol Hill, but so far has refused

From CNN's Kaitlan Collins and Jim Acosta

Aides are urging President Trump to put out a stronger statement in response to the chaos unfolding on Capitol Hill after his supporters breached security barriers. He has so far declined, beyond his latest tweet, as he is watching coverage from the West Wing. 

Earlier this afternoon, White House officials had told CNN that a statement on the ongoing riots in the US Capitol was coming soon. 

3:40 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

GOP lawmaker says he spoke to Trump about "unacceptable" rioters

From CNN's Kevin Liptak 

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he spoke with President Trump about the rioters who have breached the US Capitol.

"I called him. I think we need to make a statement. Make sure that we can calm individuals down. Now, I don't know who these people are. Remember, when you have a big crowd, people who can get in to a crowd, I don't know who they are, I don't have any reports," he said. 

However, many people in the crowd were seen wearing red MAGA hats, and carrying Trump campaign paraphernalia. 

McCarthy made the comments in an interview on FOX News, adding, "Whatever is happening is unacceptable. They came here to protest peacefully. They could be hurt. What is happening right now is unacceptable." 

Asked what the President said when he called him, McCarthy said, "He put out a tweet as well. For people to stay safe and people to not do this. I explained what was going on." 

McCarthy said Trump is "getting reports of what is happening. He did not accept people doing this type of the behavior. I know he's getting reports as well. I wanted to give him a first hand report." 

3:37 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Rioters have been cleared from the Senate

From CNN's Ted Barrett, Ali Zaslav and Manu Raju

The Senate floor has been cleared of rioters, and an officer told CNN that they have successfully squeezed them away from the Senate wing of the building and towards the Rotunda, and they are removing them out the East and West doors of the Capitol.

Things appear to be calm on the Senate side.

It's uncertain what the situation is in the House.

3:33 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Biden expected to address Washington riots and crisis in afternoon remarks

From CNN's Jeff Zeleny

President-elect Joe Biden is at The Queen theater in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, where he was giving remarks on Covid-19, the economy and the Georgia election results.

An aide tells CNN that Biden has been monitoring and is expected to address the violent protests escalating in Washington.

He had planned to say “it’s time to turn the page,” as he expressed in his morning statement, but his exact words are still being considered.

3:37 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Republican lawmaker says "despicable" Capitol riots were started by not telling people the truth

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger said riots at the Capitol were fueled by conspiracy theories, calling them "utterly despicable." He urged Republican leaders to "call it out forcefully" and hold people accountable.

"When you don't tell people the truth, you end up getting people to believe the conspiracies and the false proof, and you get Capitol storms like the one today. This is absolutely, utterly despicable, and every single Republican leader has got to call this out forcefully and be held accountable," Kinzinger told CNN.

"Anywhere else around the globe, we would call this a coup attempt. I think that's what this is," he added.

But Kinzinger said that he believes the democracy will prevail in the end.

"The guardrails of the democracy and the constitution will hold and we will succeed, and I think when this is over, we will look back and realize where this cancer has come from and go after it," he said.

Watch more:

3:36 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz urges rioters storming Capitol to "stop NOW"

Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, urged rioters to "stop NOW" as they stormed the US Capitol and forced lawmakers to halt the Electoral College certification proceedings.

Cruz spoke earlier today to object to the certification of Arizona's elections results, which declared President-elect Joe Biden the victor.

3:29 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

GOP congressman to Trump: "Call it off. It's over. The election's over."

From CNN's Adrienne Vogt

Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher, a veteran and supporter of President Trump, said pro-Trump rioters storming the Capitol is “insane.” 

“I’ve not seen anything like this since I deployed to Iraq in 2007 and 2008,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper. 

“The President needs to call it off … Call it off. It’s over. The election’s over. And the objectors need to stop meddling with the primal forces of our democracy here,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher is not in the Capitol but is “hunkered down” in his office, he said. 

Watch more:

3:29 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Woman treated for gunshot wounds on Capitol grounds

From CNN's Noah Gray

A woman is in critical condition after being shot in the chest on the Capitol grounds, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

The sources could not provide further details on the circumstances of the shooting.