Aisha Salaudeen

Producer, Africa

Aisha Salaudeen is an award-winning journalist and multi-platform producer for CNN International.


Aisha Salaudeen is a multimedia journalist and producer of editorial sponsorships currently based out of the CNN bureau in Lagos, Nigeria. She scripts and produces sponsored CNN TV shows such as African Voices Changemakers, Inside Africa, and Marketplace Africa. She also writes feature stories from across the continent.

In November 2020, Salaudeen won the Future Awards Africa Prize for Journalism for her work covering stories in Africa. Throughout her career, she has worked in full time and freelance journalism, using images, videos, and text to report and investigate diverse human interest stories in Africa. Her work has appeared in The Financial Times, Al Jazeera English, Okay Africa, and TRT World where she covered thorny issues like alleged police brutality, sexual abuse, and surviving Boko Haram.

Salaudeen holds a master’s degree in finance, accounting and management from the Bradford University School of Management, along with a bachelor’s degree in business/managerial economics from the University of Bradford.