Hazel Pfeifer


Hazel Pfeifer is a Producer for CNN's Global Features Team based in Hong Kong
CNN Expansion 05/11/21 Hazel Pfeifer


Hazel Pfeifer is a Producer for CNN’s Global Features Team based in Hong Kong, creating premium multi-platform storytelling across CNN’s TV, digital and social channels, with a passion for environmental, sustainability and climate change stories worldwide.

Previously she worked in CNN’s London bureau as Senior Planning Producer, coordinating high-profile guests and commentators across CNN International shows, including Connect the World with Becky Anderson. She has covered many breaking news stories in the field across Europe and the Middle East, including events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Royal Wedding, Brexit, the Scottish referendum, the Turkish constitutional referendum and Ireland’s gay marriage and abortion referendums.

Before joining CNN, Pfeifer worked in interiors, architecture and lifestyle magazines as a writer, editor and stylist, and as a radio producer for Monocle 24.

Pfeifer graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Maths and English, and has an MA in International Journalism from City, University of London.