Judson Jones


Judson Jones is the Digital Meteorologist for CNN Weather.
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Judson Jones is the Digital Meteorologist for CNN Weather. He is responsible for providing and overseeing the weather content for major weather stories featured on all of CNN’s digital platforms.

Jones has more than a decade’s worth of experience covering the world’s most significant natural disasters and Earth’s changing climate. He has stood in historic storms, including Hurricane Harvey and New York City’s blizzard of 2016, and experienced firsthand the power of one of the world’s most massive earthquakes, the 2010 Chile earthquake.

He works with CNN’s interactive unit to produce projects, such as the Eclipse of the Century, the network’s most-watched virtual-reality livestream ever. And he recently helped create CNN’s weekly weather newsletter, the “CNN Weather Brief,” which he cowrites with Jennifer Gray.

In addition to forecasting, writing and editing for CNN digital platforms, Jones produces graphics for weather and climate stories, including CNN’s storm tracker. His work as a photographer also has been featured with CNN Digital stories and original videos.

In 2018, Jones earned his commercial drone pilot license and is a member of the growing CNN AIR – Aerial Imagery and Reporting – team.

He was nominated for an Emmy for his role in CNN’s coverage of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

Jones earned his undergraduate degree in Mass Communications from the University of Central Arkansas and a meteorology certificate from Mississippi State University.

When not covering the weather, Jones enjoys any outdoor adventure with his family and friends. He is a big proponent of the expanding Atlanta food scene and is a self-proclaimed foodie and cocktail connoisseur.