Konstantin Toropin

News Editor

Konstantin Toropin is a News Editor for CNN's National Desk based in Atlanta
Konstantin Toropin


Konstantin Toropin is currently a News Editor at CNN. He currently specializes in gathering editorial information immediately following news events and disseminating it to the various platforms and units withing CNN.

He has been with company since 2016 and worked with CNN Investigates, the SouthEast Bureau, and Special Projects as well.

Before coming to CNN, Konstantin served in the US Navy for 5 years as a signals intelligence analyst. Prior to enlisting, Konstantin worked as a Video Journalist at CNN.

Konstantin holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Pennsylvania State University in journalism and a Master’s degree in mass communication from the University of Minnesota.


Signal: +1 (404) 316-3340

ProtonMail: ktoropin@protonmail.com

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