Nell Lewis

Features writer and producer, CNN Digital

Nell Lewis is an award-winning, London-based features writer for CNN International. She covers a wide range of topics, specializing in the environment.
CNN Expansion London 04/23  Nell Lewis


Nell Lewis is a writer on the features desk, based in London. She specializes in environmental coverage, writing and producing stories on endangered species, conservation and climate innovation, among others. She was part of a small team that won a National Headliners award in 2023 for a visual interactive on the environmental threats to bird migration.

Lewis joined CNN in 2018 as an intern and has since worked for the features department, writing across a range of subjects from culture and education to business and sustainability, and the sports desk. Prior to CNN, her work has appeared in publications such as The Financial Times and The Guardian.

Lewis is from the UK, and holds a master’s degree in investigative journalism from City University London and a bachelor’s degree in ancient history from the University of Durham.