Sheena McKenzie

Senior Producer, Opinion

Sheena McKenzie is a Senior Producer with CNN Opinion in London. You can reach her at
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Sheena McKenzie is a Senior Producer with CNN Opinion in London, leading international commentary. She commissions and edits opinion pieces on global affairs, culture and sport.

Before joining CNN’s Opinion team in 2021, Sheena was an award-winning Digital News Producer, writing breaking news, in-depth features and producing digital content from senior correspondents in the field.

In recent years her work has focused on the rise of populism in Europe and its threat to LGBT, migrant and women’s rights, academic independence and media freedom. As digital point person for Germany, Sheena managed planning and coverage for the region and has reported extensively on the country’s politics.

She is part of the team that delivered an award-winning investigation into US-linked extrajudicial killings in El Salvador.

Prior to joining CNN in 2012, Sheena worked at The Sunday Times and local newspapers across east London. Her articles have been published in The Age and Haaretz, among others.

Sheena is originally from Melbourne, Australia. You can reach her at and follow her on Twitter @sheena_mckenzie.