• US director Andrew Rossi poses during the photocall of the documentary  "Inside the New York Times" at the 37th American Film Festival, in Deauville, northwestern France, on September 9, 2011. AFP PHOTO / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD (Photo credit should read KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images)

    The filmmaker weighs in

    Andrew Rossi
    Student loan debt in the United States has skyrocketed above $1.2 trillion. Tuition hikes have ballooned at nearly triple the rate of inflation. What happened? Can we fix it?

CNN's Christine Romans reports 

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    Paid to go to college

    Apprenticeship2000 has a new model for higher education: a hybrid program in which students are paid to work.
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    Coding bootcamp

    DevBootCamp is an intensive, 19-week program designed to teach coding to people with zero experience.