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  • Is Trump's dream of state-run TV coming true?

    CNN's Sunlen Serfaty explains President Trump's apparent attempt to gain control of Voice of America gained new ground this week with the nomination of Michael Pack, his pick to head the agency that oversees the VOA. She tells Brian sources within the VOA tell her "there's a sense of apprehension about what comes next."
  • Dan Abrams on decision to publish column by Matt Lauer

    Mediaite founder Dan Abrams says while Matt Lauer's op-ed may have been controversial, the decision to run it was not a defense of Lauer, but rather "it's simply saying this was newsworthy, this was fact-checked....and we felt that is was certainly worthy of publication." He also asks that people read the piece first before critiquing it.
  • Ben Smith on his scrutiny of Ronan Farrow's reporting

    Ben Smith, media columnist at The New York Times, speaks with Brian Stelter about his re-examination of Ronan Farrow's book "Catch & Kill" and Farrow's stories for The New Yorker. Smith says "you should err on the side of transparency. You should write what and what you don't know." Farrow says, in essence, that's what he has done: "I stand by my reporting."
  • NYT's Jennifer Senior: Trump doesn't believe what he can't see

    When asked about Trump's refusal to wear a mask in public, NYT Opinion Columnist Jennifer Senior says there is "some strange part of Trump that doesn't quite believe things he can't see." She says it's a challenge for the news media to show the "scale of death and suffering." Ed Yong also joins.
  • The Atlantic's Ed Yong on America's 'patchwork pandemic'

    "Different parts of the U.S. are experiencing this pandemic in very different ways," science writer Ed Yong says. However, "Americans are actually strangely united in their attitudes and behaviors," which "stands in stark contrast to these views of people breaking public health advice, going out and being incautious."
  • Kasparov: Trump lowering the moral bar for us all

    Garry Kasparov, chair of the Renew Democracy Initiative, argues that Trump's diversion techniques aren't working anymore. "The problem that Trump is dealing with now is that Covid-19 is too big to distract, and that's why he's getting crazier and crazier," he says.
  • Video shows packed Memorial Day weekend pool party

    Video posted by a reporter shows partiers crowded together in a pool at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, this Memorial Day weekend. The gathering violates social distancing measures intended to limit the spread of Covid-19.