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  • CBS story on DeSantis feeds GOP distrust of the media

    Robby Soave argues that a recent "60 Minutes" story about Florida's vaccine rollout and Governor Ron DeSantis was wildly flawed. Soave says the story aided DeSantis politically because the governor responded by criticizing the media, and "being anti-media is probably the single thing that unites all conservatives."
  • Fox-to-Trump revolving door is now spinning the other way

    The Trump White House hired numerous people from Fox News. Now Fox is hiring numerous people from Trump's orbit. Matt Gertz of the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters says nine former White House staffers, campaign aides and Trump family members are now on Fox's payroll. He says Fox "understood they needed to keep Trump supporters on board, and the best way to do that was to put familiar faces" on the network."
  • How journalists are advancing the Matt Gaetz scandal

    Katie Benner tells Brian Stelter about covering the investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz. "If you look at the investigation itself, it involves characters that all feel incentivized for various reasons to talk to the press," she says. Philip Bump and Amanda Carpenter also weigh in.