Recent show highlights 

  • How emotions drive our news diets and our votes

    Psychology professor and Westen Strategies founder Drew Westen, author of "The Political Brain," makes the case that "elections are won or lost in the marketplace of emotions." He applies his research to the 2020 election and says Trump support is a "cult-like phenomenon."
  • Buzbee: Election calls are not magic, they're math

    Associated Press executive editor Sally Buzbee discusses how her news organization assess races and "declares" winners. "This is not magic," she says. "This is actually math and facts and science. That's how races are called."
  • Local news crisis: Papers are losing physical newsrooms

    Brian Stelter speaks with reporters in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where Tribune Publishing is cutting costs by closing the century-old newsroom at The Morning Call newspaper. Reporter Jennifer Sheehan says "we need to have a home base. We need to have a place that we can come collaborate."
  • Priorities for the press between now and election day

    Larry Wilmore, Kirsten Powers, John Harris, and Michelle Ciulla Lipkin offer advice. Powers says the media should "stick to the basics and avoid predictions." Harris says "we should show the same seriousness that voters are showing."
  • The Murdoch media machine's anti-Biden narrative

    Analyzing the recent right-wing media allegations about Hunter Biden, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin says "this is a really good look at agenda and bias... when you start to break down the authenticity of the story, the sources, the connections with President Trump and his supporters, you start to see how that agenda and bias can get really tricky."