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  • Trump told his fans he would be watching the Capitol

    Brian Stelter examines the siege on the Capitol as a "television spectacle," beginning with Trump telling rallygoers that "I'll be watching" what happens in the House and Senate. Stelter also says Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley played to the TV cameras before and after the riot.
  • Riot reporter: 'I felt like I was a foreign correspondent again'

    CNN national security correspondent Alex Marquardt relives the harrowing moment when a mob "turned" on his crew. "I felt like I was a foreign correspondent again and it was shocking to see this happening in my own country, in the city that I live in, just two miles from my house," he says. But "I really do think that this is a reflection of where we are right now... The division, the tribalism, the sectarianism, those are words that we use when we cover other countries as foreign correspondents."
  • Capitol siege shines spotlight on 'information crisis'

    Oliver Darcy says the pro-Trump riot brought "our informational crisis to the forefront." Darcy says it's a "national emergency" when corporations and individuals are "profiting off of lies and conspiracies, whether that's Big Tech or Fox News.. and I don't really see how things get better, how we move on as a country until this informational environment is cleaned up."