Warren's wall of letters shares voter insights

A wall of letters inside presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's campaign headquarters offers some clues about which of the senator's decisions and ideas have resonated with voters. CNN's MJ Lee reports.

Manafort texts to Hannity: Would never give up Trump

Paul Manafort told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he would never give up information on President Donald Trump or Jared Kushner, according to newly unsealed texts between the two men in 2017 and 2018. CNN's Evan Perez reports.
Amanda Pritchard picks flowers with her husband Bob on their farm in Tennessee.

Rural communities in urgent need of internet access

24 million Americans don't have broadband access, according to the Federal Communications Commission, and without reliable internet service, many rural communities are suffering. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 19:  Former White House communications director Hope Hicks leaves the hearing room during a break at a closed-door interview with the House Judiciary Committee June 19, 2019 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Hicks is the first former Trump aide to testify before the panel's investigation into special counsel Robert Mueller's report and obstruction of justice.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Hope Hicks' House committee testimony released

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks, one of Donald Trump's closest allies at the start of his presidency, testified before the House Judiciary Committee behind closed doors. CNN's Manu Raju reports on what took place inside.