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    Weekdays at 10 ET

    Morning Express

    Shyann Malone continues Morning Express with developing details on stories happening now plus lively discussions on what America's talking about.
  • Very Scary People

    Very Scary People hosted by Donnie Wahlberg

    Very Scary People chronicles the twisted lives of some of the most frightening, diabolical characters in recent history.
  • Forensic Files II

    Forensic Files II

    Experts piece together strange clues and microscopic evidence to solve the most puzzling criminal cases, proving there is no such thing as a perfect crime.
  • HIRH Season 4_00001226.jpg

    How It Really Happened

    An in-depth look at some of the most notorious crimes, mysteries, trials and celebrity tragedies of our time.
  • Lies, Crimes & Video

    An intimate look into the terrifying 911 calls, police interrogations, jail house recordings, body camera and surveillance video captured as part of a criminal investigation.