What to watch: The movies and TV shows we're most excited about

Updated 4th March 2021
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What to watch: The movies and TV shows we're most excited about
Written by Thomas Page, CNN
What to watch is a question that has never been more difficult to answer -- even if a lot of us have never had more spare time on our hands.
Film or television, the boundaries are crumbling. Directors and actors regularly hop between formats; TV shows pop up at film festivals and films release directly to home streaming services. From David Lynch's "Twin Peaks: The Return" to Steve McQueen's "Small Axe," debate swirls around where cinema ends and TV begins.
Despite much of the world hitting pause, film and TV crews are still out there diligently working their craft. Many directors will be dreaming of showing their work to packed theaters again, while others are busy feeding the insatiable appetites of streaming platforms -- a content arms race that has only taken a firmer grip of the film and television industries during the pandemic.
If you want to know what to look forward to, we've got you covered -- for the weeks and months ahead.
Irrespective of format, these projects are the ones we're most excited about. Some are finished, awaiting release; others will take time to complete. All deserve our attention.
Scroll through the gallery above to find out more about the most exciting upcoming films and TV shows.