Photographer Daisuke Takakura creates mesmerizing clone world

Story highlights

Photographer Daisuke Takakura creates digitally manipulated images of our different "selves"

The images feature many clones of the same person, sometimes talking or interacting

He says it's an exploration of all the different people we could be

CNN  — 

Stuck at work right now? Well, there’s a different you who called in sick today,and is lounging around at home with their feet up, maybe watching some TV. Imagine that “self” gave you a call: “Hi buddy! How’s your day going?”

Japanese photographer Daisuke Takakura playfully creates these scenes. Using a combination of traditional photography, theatrical staging, and post-production editing, he creates a world where a different version of your person could pay you a visit.

There are infinite possibilities for what we could be doing at this moment, but Takakura imagines a handful really come into being, and could hang out together. Is this a world you’d want to live in?

Scroll through the gallery to understand why Takakura thinks we should embrace this new world.