Virtual reality just got (more) interesting

Updated 20th December 2016
Virtual reality just got (more) interesting
Earlier this year Google unveiled a revolutionary new app, with the potential to transform creative process as we know it.
The Tilt Brush -- once loaded into a HTC Vive headset -- is a virtual reality painting application enabling users to sketch and create in an immersive studio space, selecting from a palette of colors, brush types, and impossible materials such as ice and fire.
Step into virtual reality art with Google's Tilt Brush
At this year's Design Miami fair, one of the most significant design gatherings on the international calendar, CNN Style invited a number of visionary talents from the fields of design, fashion, art and architecture to let their imaginations run wild with this ground-breaking technology.
While some opted to start with a blank canvas other designers wanted to experiment with the technology's more practical functions.
Swiss designer Yves Béhar uploaded a 3D render of his innovative new baby cradle, Snoo.
He described the experience: "I see the piece that I couldn't see in full scale because it doesn't exist yet . . . and I can work on it and see if I want to make it in a different material or just do other things with it."
Artist and industrial designer Arik Levy, also uploaded a 3D render of one of his own creations. Experimenting with how we could add or tweak the original design.
He commented, "it's good for scale in an environment."
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