Under the covers with Riccardo Tisci and Marina Abramović

Updated 1st March 2018
Under the covers with Riccardo Tisci and Marina Abramović
Riccardo Tisci, the former creative director of Givenchy, will succeed Christopher Bailey as the new Chief Creative Officer of Burberry. To mark the occasion we bring you an exclusive interview with two Style favorites -- Riccardo Tisci and performance artist Marina Abramović, in bed.
Even creative geniuses need their shut eye, and Marina Abramović and Riccardo Tisci are no exception.
Burberry's newly-appointed Chief Creative Officer (who spent more than a decade at Givenchy) and the preeminent performance artist of her generation took us through their night time routines, and explained why, perhaps, sleep is the key to success.
"I think bed is the most intimate moment of the day," said Tisci. "Over 24 hours, night is what I love the most."
"I love this idea of the morning," said Abramović. "I'm very interested in my dreams."
"Dreams are something given to us, and dreams have a certain message," she argued. "In the dream if a vision comes of some work or something, I will remember it. For me the ideas have to come in a way that becomes an obsession, and then I have to be afraid of it, and say 'Oh my God, this is Hell' -- then I'm going to do it.
"Every idea that I just like, I'm not going to do."
Watch the video above to discover more about the secrets to slumber and success. This interview was originally filmed in New York in 2015.