Nudity and the color purple: in fashion, Prince reigned supreme

Story highlights

The musician Prince has died at the age of 57

He had a successful career spanning four decades

His image was a crucial facet of his creative output, with many of his outfits becoming iconic

CNN  — 

His Royal Badness, the Purple One, “the artist formerly known as Prince” and of course, simply Prince, has died at the age of 57. With a career spanning four decades, and many monikers, the legendary musician will not be soon forgotten.

Nor will he be remembered solely for his music. Ever the showman, his image was a crucial facet of his creative output. From-head-to-toe sequins to ruffled collars, nudity and a well-publicized penchant for purple, Prince’s outfits became as legendary as his music.

Rising to prominence in the 1970s, he pioneered “the Minneapolis sound”, a mixture of funk, rock, pop, synthpop and new wave.