This $690k house is designed to improve your health

Updated 9th March 2018
Credit: Courtesy Ekkist/Studio McLeod
This $690k house is designed to improve your health
Written by Betty Wood, The Spaces
This article was originally published by The Spaces, a digital publication exploring new ways to live and work.
Can a home improve your well-being? Ekkist thinks so. The development consultancy has teamed up with Studio McLeod to design Ori House, the UK's first self-build home that enhances your health.
Among Ori House's features are non-toxic building materials, a lighting system synced to owners' body clocks and interior planters to improve air quality. The wellness concept home is designed to meet The WELL Building Standard, which differ from other eco-home credentials, explains Ekkist.
"(The WELL Building Standard) focuses more on human health and well-being rather than just environmental credentials," says co-founder Olga Turner. "Many of the other standards don't pay enough attention to building materials and the subsequent impact of the materials and design decisions on human health."
Ori House will be built from rammed earth, hempcrete and timber. Its exterior will be clad in larch, while sustainable wood is also the predominant material across its interiors too, thanks to its links to improved moods and stress reduction. (Turns out there's truth to the benefits of cabin living after all.)
Courtesy Ekkist/Studio McLeod
Studio McLeod has taken a "daylight first" approach to designing the four-bedroom property, orientating rooms to maximize natural light flow. The circadian lighting system is an optional extra, synced to inhabitants' body clocks to improve sleep cycles and productivity. Air and water filtrations are also factored into the design, as are planters, built-in window seats and a designated "quiet room" for contemplation.
Courtesy Ekkist/Studio McLeod
Ori is also adaptable for generational living: the ground floor annexe can accommodate elderly residents (or serve as a home studio) while the main reception room can be re-configured via acoustically engineered screens. All rooms will have high ceilings and large windows.
As you might expect, healthy living doesn't come cheap -- the basic model for Ori House starts at £500,000 ($690,000), excluding land, with customizable add-ons pumping up the price. Buyers will get full support through the construction process, however. Ekkist also state they are working on a smaller, affordable housing model, for those with smaller budgets.