Guests are seen attending pays des fées in Yokohama at Rakuten Fashion Week on March 14, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan.
Tokyo, Japan CNN  — 

In Tokyo’s Shibuya district, fashion enthusiasts came out in droves for this month’s Rakuten Fashion Week donning a mix of brightly-colored and experimental garments.

And as brands sent their Autumn-Winter 2023 collections down runways, the street style — in a city known for its bold fashion culture — was equally deserving of an audience.

Strikingly dyed hairstyles, monochromatic get-ups and oversized trench coats were all on display outside the week’s shows. Pairs of guests arrived in coordinating outfits with matching accessories like tinted sunglasses or perpetually versatile berets.

Some, like 22-year-old Hiroto Murotani, who goes by nickname Hii, were not here to attend shows, despite being dressed to impress. In the area for a photoshoot, he wore an oversized bubble gum pink sweater over a red gown and black platforms.

“Fashion is a tool I use to express myself,” he said. “The most fashionable people in Japan are following their own personal style rather than (what’s trending).”

Meanwhile, Ena, who didn’t share her surname out of privacy concerns, channeled a “dreamy, cute” aesthetic in a light-blue and cream outfit, her pinkish hair braided in pigtails under a lace bucket hat.

“Japanese fashion is so free,” she said.

“I think I embody Japanese fashion. I can wear whatever I want here without standing out.”

See below for a selection of some of the standout outfits.

A guest is seen wearing trenchcoat and pearls attending the Pillings show on Thursday.
Tokyo Fashion Week is not shy of color, as demonstrated by this pair seen outside the Tender Person show on Wednesday.
A guest to the Tender Person show Wednesday pairs fur with bright red spandex.
An attendee at Seivson fashion festival is seen wearing a vintage striped tie, a denim beret and an embellished tan blazer.
Stood outside the HEoS show, a guest pairs purple flare pants with a black leather jacket while accessorizing with a brown newsboy hat and studded bag.
Yuki Tanaka told CNN "fashion is my reason for living." He said he wanted to wear his blue plaid jacket to complement his bike, which he rode to the shows on Thursday.
Two guests attending a show on Tuesday complement one another in cream and black ensembles.
Akane, who didn't provide her surname out of concern for her privacy, described her outfit as "salty and sweet." Her ensemble comprised a tracksuit worn over a baby tee with a print of a hamburger and a frilly white skirt.
In the area for a photoshoot, Hiroto Murotani was spotted wearing an oversized bubble gum pink sweater over a red gown and black platforms.
A guest outside Wednesday's HEoS show wearing a voluminous pink cape with ruffles.
Guests seen outside the Seivson fashion festival on Tuesday in quirky, self-made outfits.
Chic all-black ensembles worn by two attendees outside the Tender Person show on Wednesday.
Guests who arrived in sharply tailored blue and yellow suits.
"I think I embody Japanese fashion," said Ena. "I can wear whatever I want here (in Japan) without standing out."
An eye-catching black and hot pink ensemble worn with cat-eye sunglasses, silver jewelry, and knee-high boots.
Popular accessories used to beat the chilly weather included berets and leg warmers.

Top image caption: A striking contrast of vibrantly dyed hair with black and white outfits sported by guests outside the Pays des Fées show on Tuesday.