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Ye (formally known as Kanye West) is apparently tired of being asked to do an NFT.

The American rapper and designer made it clear in a social media post on Monday night that he has no interest in stepping into the digital art world in that way.

“My focus is on building real products in the real world, real food, real clothes, real shelter,” he told his 10.5 million Instagram followers.

“Do not ask me to do a f**king NFT,” he added in the handwritten statement.

In a caption accompanying the image of the note, Ye added: “For now I’m not on that wave. I make music and products in the real world.”

At times it can feel like NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are everywhere. Particularly prevalent in the art world, they have helped boost the profiles and bank balances of digital artists like Beeple, who sold an NFT for more than $69 million last year.

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Outside of art, a digital NFT house sold for $500,000 and the first-ever tweet by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey fetched $2.9 million.

Last year, model Emily Ratajkowski sold an NFT photo of herself titled “Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution” via Christie’s auction, joining a growing list of celebrities including Grimes, Ja Rule and Lindsay Lohan who have jumped on the digital token bandwagon. But not Ye. He will not be joining in.

For those disappointed by his lack of interest in NFTs, he did offer a glimmer of hope: “Ye. Ask me later,” he signed off on Instagram.