African music festivals: Lake of Stars and 6 others you’ll want to hear

Editor’s Note: Lorraine Bgoya and Mazuba Kapambwe host “The Fest Gurus” – a travel/docu-reality web series that follows four young Africans with a festival bucket list. The latest episode, The Fest Gurus X Hifa, can be viewed here.

Story highlights

"Fest Gurus" are on a mission to visit every major festival in Africa

They pick seven of the continent's must-see music festivals

Lake Of Stars -- in Malawi -- has been called the "world's finest festival"

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One of the most exciting things about the African continent is its dynamic arts and culture scene. The celebration of this is even more amazing. The Fest Gurus have set out on a journey to visit every major festival on the continent to share their beauty and tell a different story about Africa through the exploration of its arts, culture and music.

Festivals are not just a good time but a key element in the development of the arts scene, one of Africa’s hidden treasures. Here are seven of the continent’s best:

1. Lake Of Stars: Malawi