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About 150 miles southwest of Detroit, Michigan lies small-town Colon. Known as the “magic capital of the world”, Colon’s population hovers around 1,200 people – certainly not sizeable enough to justify the existence of a ride-sharing service such as Uber.

Until now.

Local 21 News reported Friday that Colon resident Timothy Hochstedler has taken it upon himself to offer a newfangled type of taxi in St. Joseph County.

Utilizing his horse and buggy, Hochstedler is calling the service Amish Uber.

Of course, Hochstedler doesn’t actually work for Uber, and there is no app to secure a ride in his buggy. Wannabe riders must flag down the carriage in the street, similar to hailing a taxi cab in New York City, except of course, there’s just one Amish Uber at the moment.

The app-free “Uber” also means there’s no online rating system, and, perhaps most crucially, no surge pricing.

For just $5, Hochstedler will get you where you need to go in Magic Town.

Early word on the streets is good: “People are loving it,” Local 21 News reports.

It’s just one more piece to add to the village’s charm.

Uber has not yet responded to request for comment.