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As bushfires continue to rage across Australia, with scenes of glowing red skies and scorched landscapes filling social media feeds around the world, travelers planning to visit the country in the coming weeks are likely wondering whether they should cancel or postpone their plans.

The short answer? It depends.

In recent days, many embassies and government bodies have updated their travel advice to citizens concerning travel to Australia, telling them to stay abreast of the situation by following local media and be prepared to comply with any evacuation orders.

“Australia continues to battle serious bushfires across multiple regions,” says the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in its latest update.

“Authorities in some regions have declared a State of Emergency and ordered road closures and evacuations. Poor air quality can occur some distance from the sites of the fires and provoke respiratory conditions.

“If you’re in or near an affected area or planning any travel, stay safe, monitor TV news, radio and social media channels for updates, and follow the instructions and advice of local authorities.”

Travelers are also advised to check with their insurance providers and read the fine print, as certain situations – i.e. a government ordered state of emergency – may invalidate coverage.

Airline policies concerning cancellations and changes vary, so check with your carrier if you are concerned about flexibility.

Etihad, for instance, announced Monday it’s waiving flight change fees for Australian residents affected the national emergency. Virgin Airlines has a similar policy in place.

Be sure to confirm your flight’s status before departure, as some cancellations have occurred due to poor visibility. The country’s flag carrier, Qantas, canceled all flights to and from Canberra on Sunday due to hazardous weather conditions.

Which areas are worst affected?