Bali’s beaches – 14 of the best for your next trip

CNN  — 

Bali’s reputation for offering a total escape continues to draw international visitors to the gorgeous destination in droves.

There are opportunities for any travel budget, not to mention the most popular activity (hanging out on a beach) won’t cost you a thing. The white and black sands that line each beach on this island in Indonesia are as stunning as the waves that crash into them.

Each has its own perks so visitors of all types should be able to find one to fall in love with. Surfers travel from all over the world to challenge their skills.

For die-hards, Balangan Beach’s waters can get so rough that non-surfers are often advised to stay near the shore. The nearby cliffs offer breathtaking views.

For adventurers, there are plenty of hidden beaches waiting to be found. Karma Beach and Nyang Nyang require hefty treks on rough terrain, but the outcome is worth the effort. Both are largely isolated and left unattended throughout the year, so it’s almost like having your own private beach.

No matter your preference, Bali is stocked with wonderful beaches. We’ve highlighted 14 of them in the gallery atop this story.