Bangkok airplane graveyard becomes home for families

CNN  — 

Frequent fliers may complain they sometimes feel like they live on board a plane, but that’s the reality apparently facing some otherwise homeless families in Bangkok.

For them, however, there’s none of the relative comforts of modern aviation.

The planes they occupy are derelict wrecks – the skeletons of decommissioned jets, including a Boeing 747, left to rot on private land in Ramkhamhaeng, an eastern neighborhood of the Thai capital.

These images, taken by photojournalist Taylor Weidman, who’s lived in Thailand for two years, document how the planes’ inhabitants seem to be eking out a rough existence, collecting garbage for recycling.

Home comforts, such as they are, appear to be just a few makeshift curtains slung over airplane windows and mats laid on the floor.

It’s a far cry from the dreams of travel, adventure and possibility that airplanes conjure for many.