Luxurious private island resort opens – and a night’s stay costs $100,000

CNN  — 

You can now book your stay in paradise – but it won’t come cheap.

A luxurious private resort stretching across an island in the western Philippines has opened for business.

It offers white sand beaches, plush villas and plenty of amenities. But with a price tag of $100,000 a night, Banwa Private Island is among the most expensive getaways anywhere in the world.

The resort, in the works for years, and benefits from year-round sunshine thanks to its location close to the equator. It features six villas and additional suites, meaning 48 people can stay at any one time. So if you have plenty of friends, it might be worth splitting the bill.

The resort’s surounding Puerco Island, sits serenely off the coast of Palawan, an island province. Guests heading for Banwa will need to hop on a helicopter or seaplane for the final leg.

Once there, guests will be able to explore the entirety of the archipelago, relax in a hammock or sip cocktails at a bar.

Each villa has its own infinity pool and hot tub and a team of chefs will supply food and drink. Freshly caught fish and newly picked vegetables feature heavily on the menu.

Guests can also meet some of the island’s fauna, including sea turtles and tabon birds. There’s even an on-site wildlife expert.

Other amenities include a tennis court and a short golf course, plus access to a variety of boats. Jet skiing, scuba diving, sailing and kayaking are available. Of course, the gorgeous beach that stretches around the island is also a draw.

If all that sounds too strenuous, there’s also an on-site spa.