A new website for women aims to alleviate the awkwardness of dining solo.

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Female business travelers often feel uneasy dining alone

A new site connects female solo diners with each other

The site's founder says adding men would make it a dating site

CNN  — 

Rochelle Peachey, the founder of the dating site I Love Your Accent, is sitting alone in a restaurant, gabbing away on her cellphone, when a few minutes into the conversation, the phone she’s talking into starts to ring. Busted!

Such is the length Peachey once went to in order to battle the embarrassment and awkwardness she – and so many female business travelers like her – feels when dining alone.

“I detest walking into a restaurant to request the dreaded table for one,” says Peachey, who typically makes three or four business trips a month. “When I walk into a restaurant or bar alone, I feel others see me as either a woman out to pick up men or a sad, lonely spinster.”

Catharine Curran, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, has gotten used to eating by herself, but admits, “When I first started traveling, eating alone was the most difficult part. It is just awkward, and many of us adapt by eating very early, sitting at the back of the restaurant, bringing a book, or simply o