You can stay overnight at Carlsberg's waterfall-powered pub

Kate Springer, CNNUpdated 16th August 2018
(CNN) — A dense forest, starry nights, waterfalls and fresh draft beer. What could be better?
Carlsberg recently debuted what the Danish company says is the world's first waterfall-powered pub.
Located in Kudhva, a slate quarry turned glamping retreat in the Cornish countryside of southwest England, the Carlsberg Cabin is less of a drop-in-style bar, and more of an overnight travel experience.
You can book the lodge on Airbnb, then enjoy an off-grid getaway.

The Danish way

Carlsberg Cabin, Cornwall
The cabin is made almost entirely out of wood and tin.
From Carlsberg
Designed by architect Ben Huggins of New British Design, the Scandinavian-style lodge is made from locally sourced and sustainable larch wood.
"The inspiration for the design of the Carlsberg Cabin is a 'Danish' re-imagining of the iconic Cornish engine houses you see in [hit BBC show] 'Poldark,'" Huggins said in a statement.
As part of the project, Carlsberg brought together six strangers to put together the modular structure.
With a goal to provide a carbon-neutral dwelling, the cabin's electricity is powered by a mix of hydro from the waterfall and solar energy from PV panels.

Cabin in the woods

Carlsberg Cabin, Cornwall
Set in the forest, the lodge offers a back-to-nature experience.
From Carlsberg
Surrounded on all sides by trees, the cabin features a spacious deck, hanging birdcage chairs and several bedrooms that can sleep up to six people.
A tin rooftop covers the building, while a hinged wooden door opens vertically like a garage to provide more open-air seating.
Inside, travelers will find bunk beds, a basic kitchen and the highlight -- a Carlsberg Expørt DraughtMaster that's powered by a nearby waterfall.
"The original engine houses were built of stone and pumped water from the tin mines, now we've translated that iconic design into a lightweight frame structure but this time pumping beer," adds Huggins.
The Carlsberg Cabin; Kudhva, Trebarwith Strand, Tintagel, Cornwall PL34 0HH