Nicole McGrath and Cole Heinz, the couple who met in Antarctica.
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Whether it’s love at first sight or the key to unraveling a historical mystery, the encounters you have while traveling can be life-changing. We want to hear about the unexpected connections you’ve made around the world.

CNN Travel’s Chance Encounters series highlights real-life stories of fateful meetings in faraway places. There’s the couple who met when he saved her from drowning on vacation; the Australian woman who flew to the UK for a first date; the discovery of a set of photos from the 1950s that sparked an unusual quest on a different continent; and the 50-year marriage that began when a Pan Am flight attendant was charmed by a CIA officer on a transatlantic flight.

Did you meet the love of your life while on a journey or forge a long-distance friendship that has stood the test of time? Have you had an unforeseen run-in that’s helped you solve a puzzle or reconnect with far-flung family? Share details with us, and we may follow up for a CNN story.

Top image courtesy of Nicole McGrath and Cole Heinz, a couple who met in Antarctica.