Christmas decorations around the world

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Families and communities love to haul out their ornaments, lights, wreaths, inflatables and treasured objects for Christmas. It’s a ritual, and these items, whether sacred or secular, are familiar and soothing.

But have you ever wondered what kinds of Christmas decorations people in other places display?

It turns out dazzling (or even gaudy) lights, nativity scenes and Santa statuary are pretty common whether you travel to the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa or beyond.

Lanterns, moose and more

However, local customs and traditions still have their place in the Christmas decorations people put up in destinations around the world.

In one city in the Philippines, they love to display colorful, giant spinning lanterns called parols.

In Sweden, you may see native moose set up in lights. In nearby Denmark, they festoon beloved Tivoli Gardens with all things Christmas. In London, travelers love to see what Harrods department store will be displaying in its windows.

In the United States, all types of regional interests show up in holiday decorations, such as Western-themed displays in New Mexico.

And did you know Christmas is celebrated by millions in places such as India, Kenya and Egypt?

And it’s not just homes that get the holiday treatment. Parks, public squares, stores and even buses are decked out with all things Christmas.

Take a look at our gallery above and see all the ways people decorate this time of year.