Ecuador to become first foreign government to advertise during Super Bowl

CNN  — 

The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots may be battling it out on the field at this year’s Super Bowl, but it’s Ecuador that’s guaranteed to make a piece of big game history.

The small South American nation with a population of just 15.6 million will become the first foreign country to buy a 30-second commercial to promote tourism during the Super Bowl broadcast.

Amid the expected assortment of talking animals, beer bros and scantily clad women, viewers will likely be treated to a montage of beautiful nature scenes from Ecuador set to a rendition of the Beatles’ classic “All You Need is Love,” part of the country’s “All You Need is Ecuador” campaign.

Since launching the campaign last year, foreign arrivals to the country have increased by 14%, according to Ecuador government.

“Our small country offers travelers a large array of outdoor adventures, from beautiful beaches on the Pacific Coast, to the Andes Mountains, to the Amazon rainforest, to the Galapagos Islands,” said Nathalie Cely, Ecuador’s ambassador to the United States, in a statement.

Airtime for the commercial from Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism reportedly cost the Ecuadorian government $3.8 million.

According to Adweek, the spot is a regional buy, to be shown in select large U.S. markets, including Miami, New York and San Francisco.

The United States is Ecuador’s second largest tourism market, after neighbor Colombia.