You won't have to pay to enter Italy just yet.
CNN  — 

Planning a trip to Europe next summer? The cost of living may be rising but there’s one small comfort – you no longer have to pay €7 ($7.35) to be let in.

The European Commission has postponed the launch of its ETIAS visa waiver scheme, which will see all non-EU passport holders need pre-trip permission to enter the bloc.

ETIAS – which stands for stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System – had previously been announced as starting in May 2023. Even that was a delay on the original date, which was set for late 2022.

It will now be operational by November 2023, according to a new memo issued by the the European Commission.

The ETIAS is not a visa; instead, it is a visa waiver scheme, just like the United States’ ESTA program, which launched in 2008.

It doesn’t replace visas, either; it will only be applicable to non-EU nationals from countries which don’t already currently need a visa to the EU. It’s quicker than a visa to process, is done online (like the ESTA), and requires no biometric informati