Exotic culinary tours around the world

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Pick lemongrass, basil and cilantro and use them to make fresh spring rolls in Vietnam

Learn to make Greek dishes such as revythada and domatokeftedes in a Greek chef's island home

Enjoy a glass of wine in Egypt's little-known northern wineries

Eating and cooking one’s way through a country is one of the best ways to understand and enjoy a culture. The raw ingredients, finished dishes and smells, tastes and traditions in between meld into unforgettable sensory experiences.

Tour operators are offering an increasing number of trips that cater to their guests’ desire to taste – and cook – their way through a destination. These newer excursions go far beyond familiar gastronomic pilgrimages to Tuscany. Hungry globetrotters are keen to visit goat-cheese producers in Iceland, with the likes of food writer and chef Jody Eddy; sample street food in Vietnam on a trip with Artisans of Leisure; or press their own olive oil in Egypt during a journey with Backpacker Concierge.

Our list highlights some of the very best culinary tours around, all of which prove that travel has never tasted so good.

Artisans of Leisure, Vietnam

After the S-shape curve of the country from north to south, Artisans of Leisure’s private, custom Vietnam for Foodies tours take in cultural and gustatory attractions along the way. Trips s