Buying or renewing passports can be expensive, with passports from several countries costing more than $100 each.
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Whether you want to start a new life abroad or simply vacation overseas, getting a new passport can be an expensive endeavor.

Even the savviest, cost-cutting travelers can be caught off guard replacing an expired (or soon to be expired) passport that could set them back hundreds of dollars.

Once you’ve gathered all your documents and jumped through whatever bureaucratic hoops your country has, hopefully you’ll have your passport in hand in a couple of weeks or months. But at what cost?

These are some of the world’s priciest passports, plus some more standard price points. The costs below are in local currencies and US dollars for adult passports that last 10 years, unless specified otherwise. Currency conversions are approximate as of early May 2022.

Average price points

While a lot of passports cost around $100 to $160, that’s no small price tag. However, there are even more expensive ones to come.

Whether renewing or buying a passport for the first time, Japanese citizens can expect to pay 16,000 Japanese yen (about $125).

New Zealanders can expect to pay NZD $191 (about $125) for their new passport.

Buying an adult US passport for the first time will cost at least $165, while renewals cost $130.

For British nationals looking to visit sunnier destinations, renewing a UK passport online will cost £75.50 (about $95 or €90). For most expats living abroad, renewal will cost a combined standard fee and courier fee for about £106 (about $135 or €125).

Including postage, Swiss nationals will be set back about 145 Swiss francs (about $150 or €140).

If you’re not reeling from sticker shock already, see what some of the pricier passports cost citizens wanting to travel abroad:

Mexican passport (3,505 MXN or about $170)

A new type of electronic passport that has a chip and a polycarbonate sheet is shown in 2021.

Renewing a passport in Mexico costs 3,505 Mexican pesos (about $170).

Liechtenstein passport (256 CHF or about $260)

Liechtenstein is one of the world's smallest countries.

Being the fourth smallest country in Europe and the sixth smallest in the world by land area, Liechtenstein is nestled between Switzerland and Austria. What Liechtenstein may lack in geographic mass, it makes up for in passport costs. Including shipping fees, citizens can expect to pay 256 CHF (about $260 or €250), for a new passport.

Cuban passport (6,500 CUP or about $270 for 10 years)

A Cuban migrant shows her Cuban passport  in Colombia.

Cuba’s passport renewal process is different than that of others on this list.

According to the Cuban government, while buying a new passport locally costs 2500 Cuban pesos (about $105), which can last a total of six years, the passport must be renewed every two years to remain valid.

Each renewal will cost an additional 500 CUP, until the sixth year of the passport’s life, where the process of buying a new passport restarts.

To compare apples to apples, the cost of holding a valid Cuban passport for 10 years totals to about 6500 CUP (about $270).

Australian passport (AUD $308 or about $220)

A traveler displays an Australian passport checking in for a flight to Sydney from Los Angeles International Airport.

Those living in Australia can expect to pay AUD $308 (about $220) to renew their passport.

For Aussies living abroad, there’s an overseas processing surcharge, bringing the total cost to $336 in the United States.

Syrian passport ($600 for 10 years)