Google Lens introduces new translation filter

Tamara Hardingham-Gill, CNNUpdated 30th May 2019
Traveler with phone in hand
(CNN) — Staring at signs and menus while frantically typing words into a smartphone has become part and parcel of traveling for many.
But Google Lens has rolled out a series of new features that is set to make life a little easier for tourists.
With the new Translate filter, travelers can simply point their camera at a selection of text, and it will convert to the language of their choice on the spot.
Although this feature has previously been available on Google Translate for a selection of languages, the lens can now detect over 100, with the translated text conveniently displayed right on top of the original wording.
While there's always room for error when it comes to machine translation tools, there's no doubt this will prove to be a lifesaver for some.

Instant translation

The Google Lens revamp also includes a very handy new Dining filter that tells customers the most popular dishes at a particular restaurant once they point it at the menu.
In addition, diners can view dishes, read reviews and even find out their portion of the bill if they're dining in a group.
Other new features include a Shopping functionality that identifies clothes and furniture and displays items users might be interested in purchasing.
Google Lens is available with Google Assistant and Google Photos on Android, while iOS users can access it via the Google app and Google Photos.
The new features, which were originally announced at Google I/O 2019 earlier this month, will be fully available to all by the end of the week.