Susan Almaguer stands outside her coffee shop in Corpus Christi, Texas.
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Accio, double espresso!

Though the ability to conjure up a caffeine fix with the wave of a wand continues to elude us muggles, a new coffee shop in Texas is offering the next best thing – magical drinks and decor inspired by Hogwarts, the famed school attended by Harry Potter and his friends.

Coffee MUGG(le) opened in Corpus Christi, Texas, last week, showcasing a menu seemingly designed by witches and wizards of the magical world. You can order a weaselBee, which is their version of a golden milk, or a Poly Juice potion, which is a matcha tea, honey and almond milk drink. (Sadly, it doesn’t have the ability to transform you into another creature like the magical version.)

For those looking to awaken their inner dementor, the coffee shop’s strongest and darkest drink on the menu is suitably named ‘the demen.”

Coffee shop owner Susan Almaguer, 32, wanted to open a business that would be a safe place for all to hang out at without feeling judged.

“We are a place where everyone of all ages can come … Where people can comfortably sit with their friends and have a dungeons and dragons gathering and not feel judged,” Almaguer told CNN. “Where a cosplayer can walk in dressed however they want and instantly feel welcomed!”

Almaguer, a single mother of two, was also inspired by her children, Emily Eva, 9, and Everett Isai, 5.

Almaguer and her two children, Emily and Everett.

“I looked at them one day and thought, ‘I want to be able to afford to take you to theme parks with my own hard-earned money,’” she said. “And it was then when I said ‘that’s it! I’m going to be my own boss and make my own money and do what I love in the process!”

Even the logo of Coffee MUGG(le), which features a coffee cup with a lightning bolt on top, was inspired by her children.

“The coffee cup represents my daughter, she is calm and reserved and sits and observes every situation like you would when you sit and drink a cup of coffee,” she said. “The lightning bolt is my son, 100% Everett, he is my rambunctious one!”

A mural painted on a wall outside by local artist, Aaron Lopez, has become an instant attraction for those looking for an Instagram worthy backdrop.

“I found someone taking a selfie and I walked up to them to say hi and they said they drove three hours to get a picture here!” says Almaguer.

Sprinkled throughout the coffee shop, you can find unique items that customers have donated, like potion bottles and paintings.

The shop also offers a variety of baked goods, from iced cookies to chocolate drizzled sweet breads.

“I want everyone to walk out knowing they have a friend here in Corpus Christi that will gladly make them a cup of coffee and will always nerd out to any discussion they bring forth!”

Coffee MUGG(le), 1112 Morgan Avenue, Corpus Christi, Texas; 1 361-857-4769