Exercise, alcohol and Viagra -- best cures for jet lag?

By CNN StaffUpdated 13th November 2013
If you've ever been stuck for a jet lag cure, consider the experience of Singaporeans.
A new survey reveals a dozen ways Singaporean travelers try to avoid the 5 p.m. shuteye, along with their success rates.
Among them: Viagra, drinking alcohol and not drinking alcohol.
"Our survey has shown that people will often try various methods in order to beat jet lag -- but they may not work for everyone," said Singapore marketing manager Ira Noviani at travel search site Skyscanner, which conducted the poll of 1,000 travelers.
The most surprising choice was taking Viagra, which 11% of those surveyed said they'd tried.
Nearly half of those who said they'd tried the Viagra remedy claimed it works.
According to research conducted a few years ago, jet-lagged hamsters might agree.
More mundane methods of beating jet lag include taking melatonin, taking sleeping pills, staying awake during the flight and doing light exercise.
Jetlag "cure" and success rate, as reported by travelers
1. Stretch/light exercise on flight: 51% (51% of people who tried this cure, reported that it worked)
2. Sleeping tablets: 48%
3.= Set watch to new time zone: 46%
3.= Light and healthy diet: 46%
5.= Viagra: 45%
5.= Exercise/fresh air before flight: 45%
7.= Avoid alcohol completely: 42%
7.= Herbal remedies: 42%
9. Consume alcohol: 41%
10. Stay awake for duration of the flight: 40%
11. Anti-jet lag pills: 39%
12. Melatonin: 36%
What remedies have you discovered for minimizing jet lag? Share them in the comments.