London hotel suite on sale for $14 million

Francesca Street, CNNPublished 14th November 2018
(CNN) — Got a spare $14 million lying around that you're wondering what to do with?
If you're in the market for a new luxury pad, you could splash the cash on a 3,703 square foot hotel suite at 10 Whitehall Place, adjacent to the five-star Corinthia Hotel in London.
For this princely sum, the buyer gets a four-bedroom luxury space with a central London zip code and direct internal access to the hotel's swanky ESPA spa, restaurants and cocktail bars. They'll also get a personal car parking space, plus a direct line to the Corinthia's concierge with 24/7 room service.
The apartment is 3,703 square foot.
Courtesy Wetherell
It's on the market via Mayfair realtors Wetherell, whose chief exec, Peter Wetherell, describes it as, "designed for exquisite luxury living and elegant entertaining."
The property has historic significance -- it was a government building until the late 1980s for the UK's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and was the site where Winston Churchill announced rationing during World War II.

Luxury building

It's not clear whether the $14 million price tag includes unlimted hotel soaps.
Courtesy Wetherell
The Corinthia Hotel also has UK government links. It started life as a hotel in 1885, but then served as the Air Ministry and Ministry of Deference from 1936-2007.
It's now got Michelin-starred chefs and all the trappings of a super luxury hotel space.
Apparently, the hotel was a favorite of King Edward VII -- and certainly the apartment on sale will allow the wealthy buyer to live like a royal.
If the Corinthia's Michelin-starred restaurants don't appeal, you can always eat at home.
Courtesy Wetherell
It's got a private entrance with a gold gilded ceiling, a modern luxury aesthetic, deep-pile silk carpets and custom-designed furniture.
Even if you've got the urge to splurge on this ostentatious residence, there's an extra service charge you'll have to cough up to use all the extravagant hotel offerings: £40,273.35 per year (roughly $52,000).