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These European spots are worth a visit in 2014

Greece and Italy offer more than the obvious to the European explorer

It's Vikings for Denmark and the city of beer in the Czech Republic

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Greece and Italy may seem like obvious choices for the discerning traveler because of their ancient attractions, spectacular cuisine and laid-back culture.

Yet even those popular spots have corners yet to be discovered by the traveling masses. That’s why Lonely Planet has named them to its 2014 Best in Europe list.

Ten European destinations with interesting food, architecture and history were chosen by the travel publisher’s writers and editors to encourage travelers to explore someplace new on the continent. Picks include island settings, picturesque villages in the countryside and an excellent beer town.

“We’re pointing out places that would be fun for tourists to discover,” says Noirin Hegarty, Lonely Planet’s managing destination editor. “This list was about introducing and reintroducing places.”

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