You can now rent Madonna’s luxury London home

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Just like a prayer, you know she’ll take you there – if “there” is London, that is.

Megastar Madonna’s swanky former home in the British capital is currently on the market as a luxury vacation rental. It’s an expansive, expensive pad in a traditional Georgian mews house.

Located in the city’s upmarket South Kensington neighborhood, Madonna once shared this space with ex-husband movie director Guy Richie. The couple apparently lived there from 1999-2003, before trading it in for somewhere bigger – in fact, it’s been reported that the singer once owned a grand total of six swish properties in London.

Luxe London space

US singer Madonna and her former husband British director Guy Ritchie lived in this London house in the early noughties.

Madonna’s former home consists of a light and airy open plan living room and kitchen area, two double bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This high-ceilinged space is kitted out just as you’d expect a swanky London apartment to be – a stunning library, six-seater sofa, chrome kitchen, characterful period features and rich rugs.

There’s even a piano on site, although it’s apparently not for guest use.

The perfect spot for your Madonna tribute party.

There’s also plenty of space for entertaining – so if you get inspired to host a Madonna tribute party, no one will stop you.

But while she’s a self-proclaimed “Material Girl,” the house doesn’t have as many over-the-top A-list features as you might expect. There are no rooftop infinity pools or walk in wardrobes.

Still, by all accounts it’s a pretty stunning spot and it’s possible to imagine Madonna reclining here, post-world tour.

Anyway, she’s more than made up for it with some of her more recent property acquisitions. Her current abode?It’s purportedly an 18th century mansion in Lisbon, Portugal.

Costly experience

Staying here will cost upwards of $500 a night.

Eying up the house for your next London vacation? It’s viewable using the reference number p4775416 on and is also listed on Prices range from about $500 to $970 a night with a minimum four-night stay.

The house will sleep a maximum of six, thanks to the addition of a sofa bed.

The cherry on the cake? Eagle-eyed movie buffs might recognize the chic interiors, the house formed the backdrop for scenes from Ritchie’s 2004 movie “Layer Cake.”