Citroën - SEETROËN glasses
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For many travelers, the thought of a long, winding road trip through the mountains of Italy sounds breathtaking.

For others? It’s the very definition of a nightmare.

Dizziness, headaches and nausea … nearly everyone has felt the sensation of motion sickness at least once in their life when they travel.

Enter the new Seetroen glasses, recently launched by French auto company Citroen.

The specs

With their oversized, white-plastic frames and goggle-like appearance, the Seetroen glasses might not be the most attractive specs on the market.

But they’re not vying for design of the year. Instead, the ergonomic glasses were designed to eliminate motion sickness.

Typically caused by a conflicting perception between your inner ear and eyes, motion sickness can put a damper on everything from sailing adventures to road trips, cable cars and theme park rides.

To resolve this conflict, the glasses use a technology dubbed “Boarding Ring.”

These glasses can apparently cure your motion sickness.

Essentially, the glasses feature four rings full of blue liquid that move around the eyes to “recreate the horizon” and put your senses back in sync.

There aren’t any lenses in the frames, which means you can wear them over your actual glasses or share them with fellow travelers. According to Citroen, they can be used by children older than 10, as that’s when the inner ear has finished growing.

After wearing them for roughly 10 to 12 minutes, your motion sickness should disappear.

So do they actually work? We’ve yet to get our hands on a pair but the company claims the glasses, now available for purchase on Citroen’s website, have been tested with a rate of 95% efficacy in adults.

Maybe it’s time to put that Amalfi Coast road trip back on your bucket list.