#MyBangkok: See why Thailand’s capital is an Instagram favorite

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Bangkok stars in more than 12.5 million photos on Instagram

We speak to two of the city's most popular Instagrammers

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As the most popular city for travelers in 2016 – according to MasterCard, at least – it should come as little surprise that Bangkok is also one of the world’s most Instagrammed cities.

Clicking on the hashtag #Bangkok nets you more than 12.5 million photographs and videos.

Somewhere in that mix you might come across uploads by two well-followed Instagrammers – @Rockkhound and @PPGallery.

We asked the pair to share their perspectives with CNN.

The street photographer: @Rockkhound

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#MyBangkok: Instagrammer Rockkhound
01:20 - Source: CNN

Bangkok-based Instagrammer Chanipol Kusolcharttum currently has more than 100,000 followers.

A quick look through his feed and it’s easy to see why.

His photos beautifully capture the soul of Bangkok streets, whether it’s a serene corner of an otherwise busy temple, the city’s newest skyrise or the bright lights of Chinatown.

“I have always loved photography,” says Chanipol, who goes by @Rockkhound on Instagram.

“I started when I was young. I love looking at photographs from all over the world. Portraits, landscapes, everything.”

Chanipol travels internationally frequently so you won’t just find photos of Bangkok in his feed.

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“When Instagram first launched, one of my best friends told me about the app,” he says.

“So I downloaded it and started taking pictures. I have never taken a photography class. I started with iPhone4S, learning to achieve the kind of photographs I wanted to make, inspired by people on Instagram.

“With an iPhone it allows me to work with the limited available resources to frame my photographs. The composition, lighting and subject are very important.

“I felt like there’s a lot more to see in my city. Everywhere I go, I try to make pictures.”

So how does he make his work stand out in a city that’s arguably overexposed?

“Photography to me is about making an iconic picture that you can tell who is the photographer by just looking at that photograph,” says Chanipol.

“I always look out for interesting lights, backdrops and subjects. When these factors fall into place, I click the shutter. There are so many places that have been overlooked. I define ‘beautiful photograph’ as one that tells stories with emotions in it.”

Check out a sample of his work in the above gallery.

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The foodie: @PPGallery

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#MyBangkok: Instagrammer PPGallery
01:05 - Source: CNN

Bangkok-based Piyada Punnakitikasem’s Instagram account, @PPgallery, has attracted more than 369,000 followers.

No easy feat in a city with a food scene as diverse – and photographed – as Bangkok’s.

Her photos and videos cover all styles of cuisine, both on the street and in high-end restaurants.

As for her popularity, she says it all comes down to perspective.

“I have a style of photography that is uniquely presented by making followers feel like they’re eating together with me,” she tells CNN.

“Therefore, a lot of Instagram accounts both locally and internationally re-post my photos and videos so that more and more accounts follow.”

Piyada says it all started four years ago when her sister went to study abroad.

“We wanted to keep in touch and update each other by posting photos on Instagram,” she says.

“I love to eat and travel, therefore most photos are foods that I eat each day. The more photos posted, the more followers I earned.”

She only uses camera phones because they’re convenient and lightweight – a must for her style of posts.

“While my left hand is holding the camera to shoot, my right hand is pouring greasy sauce or cutting the cake.”

Her top dining recommendations for first-time Bangkok visitors?

“Bangkok Chinatown – Yaowarat – is a must-visit for street food,” says Piyada.

“Tourists will enjoy tasting various dishes for reasonable prices, including seafood, fried noodles, dim sum, fresh juice and many more.”

Another favorite of hers is Sala Rattanakosin, a riverfront Thai restaurant with views of historic Wat Arun.

“My favorite dishes there are tom yum kung and sticky rice with fresh mango. There’s also a 360-degree rooftop bar on the 5th floor offering a nice view not only of Wat Arun, but also Wat Pho and the Grand Palace.”