A rash of "naked tourism" at Macchu Pichu, Peru's top tourist destination, has raised the ire of officials.

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Multiple tourists detained for stripping down at Machu Picchu in recent weeks

Peru officials call incidents "disrespectful" and "unfortunate"

Guards at Machu Picchu and other historic Peru sites to increase surveillance

CNN  — 

Watch out for bare butts when traveling in Machu Picchu – incidents of “naked tourism” at the 15th-century Inca citadel are on the rise, and getting under the skin of Peru officials.

According to the Peruvian Times, four American tourists were detained on March 14 for getting naked and posing for photos at the site.

In a pair of separate incidents earlier in the week, two Canadians and two Australians were detained for stripping down for pictures at Machu Picchu.

The bare-it-all episodes followed a 2013 incident in which a naked couple was videotaped by other tourists while streaking across Machu Picchu’s g