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The Portland, Oregon, airport is now allowing in-state pot transport

Travelers following the Oregon rules in effect July 1 can fly

TSA screening procedures may still slow your travel

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Want to fly with your marijuana?

If you’re flying within the state of Oregon, you’re in luck.

The Portland, Oregon, airport will now allow you to fly with it in-state, provided you are carrying the legal amount, according to CNN affiliate KPTV.

As of July 1, people in Oregon can possess and use marijuana if they are 21 or older. They can have up to 8 ounces in their homes and grow up to four plants out of public view. Oregon residents also can carry up to an ounce outside their homes, although it’s illegal to smoke it in public.

But they can’t transport it out of state.

And the new airport rule doesn’t mean it’ll be smooth sailing through the security checkpoints operated by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.

Federal law governs the TSA’s screening procedures, and marijuana remains illegal in the eyes of the federal government. But the agency’s primary mission is to “detect threats to aviation security,” according to the agency.

Though TSA officers don’t look for illegal drugs, they will call law enforcement if they find drugs or any other items that might violate the law.

That’s why the Portland airport’s TSA officers will notify Port Police if they find any marijuana on travelers. If you aren’t underage, have the legal limit and are flying within the state, the police will let you go.

Consider leaving for the airport even a little bit earlier if you’re planning to transport that legal ounce of pot on your in-state flight. And don’t drive to the airport while stoned. That’s still illegal.