Why is there a Koala sitting in first class?

CNN staffUpdated 13th April 2015
"Mom, some stranger is offering me mineral water in a can."
(CNN) — Ever wondered how koala bears travel long distance?
If this photo from Aussie carrier Qantas is to be believed, they ride in first class, demanding unlimited supplies of Schweppes from passing flight attendants.
The image was released to highlight the gift of four koalas -- Paddle, Pellita, Chan and Idalia -- from Australia to Singapore to mark the Asian city state's 50th anniversary of independence.
In reality, the bears won't actually be traveling in first class.
They don't even qualify for economy, but will be riding in the cargo hold like other animals.
Schweppes will not be served.
"Human, I demand my veggies."
"Human, I demand my veggies."
courtesy Qantas Airways
The four koalas will be transported by Qantas to Singapore Zoo, where they'll stay for at least six months.
The move will be made permanent "when Singapore can support a koala colony," according to a statement released by Australia's minister for foreign affairs.
"Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane has played a crucial role in supplying the koalas, sharing expert knowledge and helping Singapore Zoo prepare for the koalas to go on show," it says.
Fresh eucalyptus leaves will be shipped to Singapore Zoo twice a week from Australia.