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Seoul's newest street culture? Running

CNN staffPublished 21st November 2018
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(CNN) — As in other parts of the world, running has become a hugely popular way to keep fit in Seoul, not to mention a trendy way to explore the city.
As a response to the sport's rising status, a number of running clubs have formed, giving locals and expats a chance to hit the streets with like-minded individuals.
Among the most famous is Private Road Running Club 1936 -- or PRRC1936 for short.
Founded five years ago by James Lee McQuown and five friends, the club's name is a nod to Sohn Kee-chung, a Korean gold medalist at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. It's since become an influential running crew, attracting the likes of DJs, designers and architects.
"Traditionally I think running in Korea has been associated with an elderly crowd," says McQuown.
"That's slowly been changing. A lot of bigger events are trying to cater to a younger group, and I think PRRC's been responsible for sparking a lot of that energy for the younger kids to come out and make running cool again."
Running is also one of the best ways to explore the unknown sides of Seoul when you travel here.
"Seoul in itself is a very dynamic city where the landscape is spread out," says McQuown.
"There's a river course, a mountain course and there's a park course. Even within my backyard, there's a few connecting foothills that, while you're running them, you sort of forget you're in the city."
Ready to hit the streets of the South Korean capital? See a different side of Seoul with the PRRC1936 in the video above.