A butterfly-shaped trailer is taking a round-the-world trip — powered entirely by the sun

CNN  — 

Last month, a solar-powered trailer set off on a four-year journey that will cross six continents and 90 countries – all in a bid to stop global warming.

Nicknamed the SolarButterfly for its set of 80-square-meter, solar panel-covered “wings” – which power the Tesla Model X towing it – the trailer began its adventure amid dramatic alpine vistas at the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland.

The first phase of the project – which has been largely crowdfunded, along with support from corporate sponsors – will take it on a six-month, 22,000-kilometer (13,670-mile) trip across 32 countries in Europe.

Louis Palmer, the brains behind the SolarButterfly, says the purpose of the trip is to highlight climate crisis solutions that already exist – and inspire others to take action.

“The message is that it’s possible to save the planet,” says Palmer.

The power of the sun

Palmer came up with the SolarButterfly concept while stuck at home in Lucerne, Switzerland, during the pandemic. It’s not t